What to expect?



During a typical Sunday Service we usually:

  • Sing several songs
  • Read a passage from the Bible
  • Hear someone give a talk from the Bible
  • Pray for each other, the surrounding community, and the world


After the service we always have a drink and something to eat, and sometimes people go out for dinner together - we would love you to join us!


To make your time with us easier we try to:

  • Avoid (or explain) Christian jargon.
  • Put people at ease, even if they've never been to church before.
  • Make it clear that we don't expect visitors to contribute financially to the church.
  • Do our best not to make "in" references to people, places or events - as if everyone knows what's going on!
  • Avoid emotional-hype, acting like we've got everything together, and fake religiosity; we're ordinary, open people, who follow Jesus.


We don’t always do well at these things, but we're working on it! By the way, feel free to wear whatever you like  – don't feel you need to dress up.



Sunday Service




Aboriginal Advancement League
2 Watt Street
Thornbury, Vic 3071